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Manavao, local social networks for business Re-root and reconnect with your place

Trust local, it is inspiring Solutions are often close to you
Local recognition is priceless Be visible, be active, be available
Businesses that support each other do better Share, collaborate, innovate

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Our vision

The digital transformation enables innovative solutions for a better balance between local and global, urban and rural, technology and human

Our mission

Create and provide smart services to stimulate and strengthen local business relationship in a global economy

Our values

We believe in an open economy where place matters first for prosperity and in friendly-personal data technologies

When we work together to build
and foster a local network of businesses,
we make our community and our organisation more efficient.
Make visible your organisation, your activity
Communicate your successes, your stories
Explore the resources of your local environment
Offer your expertise, your experience
Promote your events, your products & services
Introduce your business, your team, your partners
Stay informed on what happens locally
Find local solutions
Stimulate your business opportunities
Impact global by acting local

Connect with all your closed local economic stakeholders


By connecting your organisation with its local
business environment, you'll find new opportunities out.

Easy to use

You organise your network according
to your business area and your needs.


News, directory, opportunities, events
you get what you need, you share what you want.


By acting local, you impact global for a
smarter economy, socially and spatially responsible.

Our partners